Three fantastic bands tipped for greater success in 2024

These three bands could make it really big in 2024.
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The Snuts 

The Snuts are pretty well known in the UK in indie music terms. The band from West Lothian Scotland has been around since 2015 when as school friends, they formed the band. They have a good degree of success so far too. 

They’ve supported Kings Of Leon and The Kooks. They’ve built an excellent reputation as a live band. Their third album, Millenium, came out in February 2024 to good reviews. Previous albums W.L. and Burn The Empire were both very well received too.

Although labeled as indie, they cover a few types with their well-paced, cleverly written, and melodic songs. Jack Cochrane is a great frontman and singer, but the band is driven forward very well all across the band. Their music and on-stage performance still make for a great live show. 

Earlier this year the band played in Japan, right now the band is in the US, having stopped off for gigs in Japan on the way. They’ll likely be hoping to make a breakthrough in those markets too. A series of dates through March are followed up later in the year by a UK tour from November. 

There’s a great review here on AudioPhix of a very recent gig in Washington D.C. which suggests they could continue to go down very well in the US and beyond. That might be part of the answer to the obvious question. What’s the level they need to break through? That would surely be taking the next step up to increased sales, top headliners on bills, much bigger venues, and perhaps those international markets. This could be the year.

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