Three horrible albums that served as a crushing blow to a band's career

These three bands could have finished better.
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A sad occasion always happens when a beloved band calls it quits after making one final album and that album turns out to be rubbish. Even worse is when a band announces their next record as their last and then lays an egg with the release. Unfortunately, the situation happens more than fans or the bands would like.

There are a lot of reasons for atrocious last records, of course. Maybe some members of the band have left. Possibly the band is just tired of being around one another and is just fulfilling their record contract.

For fans of the band, no matter what the situation that causes no more new albums, it's sad. Music is a part of life and a favorite band being no more feels like a loss. To be fair, it is. Here are three bands whose farewell albums left us wanting more (because the records themselves were trash).

Three bands that had awful final albums

Men At Work - Two Hearts (1985)

This Australian band had a massively popular first album, Business As Usual, that even had they remained around for 15 albums they likely would have never equaled the success of their debut. Business As Usual was years of well-crafted songs that had been worked out in hardened Aussie bars where if the patrons did not like a band, violence could ensue. But even after that debut record, the band released Cargo which was also terrific but then the wheels fell off.

But by the time their final record, Two Hearts, was released the band did not like each other and were never in the same room while the record was being recorded. This caused disjointed tracks and an inconsistent album overall. The shame is that there are some really good songs on the record, but the whole thing feels like a bunch of solo songs thrown together.

Sadly, because of the situation with the group falling apart, and it is obvious the band would not make any more albums, we were left with a record with excellent songs such as "Everything I Need" and "Maria" and the pish-posh that is "Giving Up" and "Sail to You." At least vocalist Colin Hay has churned out a number of very good solo tracks since the band's break-up.