Three top songs from New Wave bands

Knowing what counts as New Wave is hard with so many different definitions. These three top songs though definitely represented a new wave of music.
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New Order - "Blue Monday"

This record is the latest chronologically of my three songs. New Order emerged from Joy Division, another top New Wave band, after the lead singer Ian Curtis’ sad suicidal death in 1980. Joy Division would have been one of the top three here had I not restricted the list to just one of either them or New Order (New Order began as the same members of Joy Division, just without Curtis). 

Released initially in 1983, there have been several remixes and re-releases since then. A very popular top ten record in the UK and beyond, it also featured in Billboard's Hot Dance Charts top ten. Another category the record covered comfortably.

It's unusual in its format, a long introduction building in layers and setting the rhythmic beat with that great bass hook arriving. It's just over two minutes before the opening line “How does it feel…” arrives. The band has cited several artists whose music inspired this track in one way or another. These include Sparks, Enrico Morricone, Donna Summer, and Kraftwerk (and Kraftwerk clearly inspired many of the groups that we still listen to today, including industrial masters Depeche Mode). You can definitely hear those influences on the song, which in itself will have inspired many others.