Three top songs which punk rock helped make possible 

Punk rock was changing quickly when it burst onto the music scene. It helped encourage lots of new bands to share their music. Here’s three top examples of songs which came out after punk had arrived.

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“Lookin’ After No. 1” - The Boomtown Rats - 1977

Were the Boomtown Rats a punk band? Their early appearances and sounds sure gave that impression. But they weren't, they were a Dublin based rock band with lots to offer as this single and the coming years would show. Released as a single in August 1977 “Lookin’ After No.1” was the first in a run of ten consecutive UK top 40 hits for Bob Geldof and his bandmates. It peaked at number 11 in the UK charts. 

In much the same way that punk music grabbed the attention, it was hard to ignore “Looking After No.1” when it first appeared. It was hard to dislike too, fast and loud drums lead the way, powerful guitars and Geldof’s aggressive protesting vocals made it three minutes of fast paced punk like rock. 

The band made a big impression on the UK charts over the years, it wasn’t until they released “I Don’t Like Mondays” that they made an impact in the US. Although frontman Bob Geldof became known worldwide for Live Aid and his other charitable work. 

These examples were all from the early days of the three bands. They came from very good albums too. If you haven't heard any of them before then do give them a listen, and look up more great music or those early albums from the three bands.

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