Tobias Forge reveals Ghost has a 'few songs' ready for new album

Ghost's last studio album was released in March 2022.
Jordi Vidal/GettyImages

Let's get this out of the way; The excellent band Ghost is really Tobias Forge and whoever he wants to invite along for his new studio project. Then whoever helps create a new record, mostly Forge, isn't always the same people who go on tours with Ghost. Do any of the previous sentences detract from why you should love Ghost? No.

The thing is that even though Ghost is mostly just Tobias Forge, even if Forge eschewed the nom de plume of Ghost, he would still be making fantastic records worth your multiple listens. So when Forge says Ghost has a "few songs" ready for the next Ghost record, we should all be very excited. Forge said as much during a recent interview with Metal Hammer.

The last proper studio album from Ghost was Impera which was released in March 2022. Forge and his mates toured extensively behind the record (I saw them at a stop in Cincinnati, Ohio, and I can promise you they were worth the price of whatever you might pay for admission). Prior to Impera, Ghost had released Prequelle continuing a trend where the group releases a new album every three to four years.

There might be a new Ghost album on the way very soon

Basically, if Forge already has a few songs ready to go that might mean a new Ghost record in 2024 which would be faster than normal and a grand reason to celebrate life. Forge also spoke about writing songs with others and how doing so challenges him.

As Forge put it, "I like to compare what I’m doing to being a chef...With me, each record, each new cycle, is a new restaurant, but I don’t have to sit with an empty paper and come up with something new every time because the secret sauce is the same...I think better when I have someone in the room that I trust. It makes me write better, because I get challenged."

Ghost also released a new collection of mostly older songs recently. The collection is called 13 Commandments. Besides every song on the album being fantastic, Forge included a previously unreleased song called, "Zenith." Sure, you might have every record that the songs are on, except for "Zenith." That alone makes a purchase of the collection on your favorite streaming device a must, right?

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