3 excellent Tom Waits songs to make your Thursday great

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Tom Waits is one of the most unique, entertaining, and brave musical artists to grace the face of the earth. He has no fear when it comes to making music (or acting in films) and that makes his art even greater. Waits makes sounds the likes of Justin Bieber would never dare.

In fact, Tom Waits dares the listener to be challenged as well sometimes. The great thing, though, is that once you understand what Waits is doing, you feel like you are joining a community. Maybe it's because Waits writes about the greater us instead of something most of us will never be.

He excels at finding the correct instruments for songs and having the correct music and the right sound of his voice that fit with fantastic lyrics. Tom Waits has been working his craft for 50 years. And yet, somehow he is still evolving and finding new ways to say things. Here are three of his songs you should listen to on Thursday (or any other day of the week).

Three Tom Waits songs to make your Thursday better

"The Black Rider" (1993)

I first heard this song while riding in a car and thought at the time, "This is the coolest song I have ever heard." Many years later, this is still true. Waits makes you feel as if you are actually at some weird carnival that you want to leave but would never do so willingly.

The lyrics, such as the line "The blood will run like ribbons from your hair," force you to visualize the horror. But the song isn't scary. It's like taking a ride through a museum that you'll never forget.

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"Time" (1985)

"Time" is a much more straight-forward song that is both beautiful and wrapped in melancholy. Waits has always been an underrated lyricist for those who aren't already fans, but the words here should change many minds. In fact, one of Tom Waits' greatest strengths is his talent for writing words and that shines through on "Time."

The song has been covered numerous times and was even used, strangely, in the film, Zack Snyder's Justice League. Maybe that just proves Waits' versatility. He can be appreciated by many types of people in various ways.

"Lie to Me" (2006)

"Lie to Me" is raunchy in the best possible sense of the word. The lyrics are about trying to pick someone up at a bar but with no long-term plan afterwards. Who knows if the lyrics from this song ever worked in a real situation, but they work for this song.

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Tom Waits' influences are numerous, but this song is a max between rockabilly and blues. But the tempo is so upbeat it makes you want to get up and dance around the room. Go ahead and do it. You should always dance like nobody is watching.