Tool expects to be working on new album sometime in 2024

The band has not released a new album since 2019.
Taylor Hill/GettyImages

Tool does not put out studio albums very often. Their last was Fear Inoculum in 2019, but before that was 10,000 Days which was about halfway to 10,000 days and came out in 2006. Prior to that excellence which came out in 2006, the band had put out albums about every five years on average. Late last year, bassist Justin Chancellor told The Vinyl Guide that he expects to band to be working on new music in 2024.

The issue with that is the band is currently on a lengthy tour and it would be very un-Tool-like to tour and then immediately go into the record studio to produce a new album. After all, the band has been together since 1990 and has only produced five full-length records. Doing anything fast is simply not Tool's style.

All that said, if the band can record a record and then release it at the latest by 2025, that would be about the amount of time it used to take them to give their adoring fans something new. Perhaps the biggest question is simply how much "new" the band has. Chancellor had also mentioned that the group has "many ideas cooking" but nothing has been recorded.

Could Tool produce a new album by 2025?

There was also apparently a lot of tracks left off of Fear Inoculum that could end up on a new album, but if that was true why not just release those songs as an EP if there is not enough for an LP? The members of the band are getting no younger and neither are their audience. Of course, expecting Tool to rush into something is just foolish.

As far as catching them on tour, you still can (and you should because they are fantastic live). Their final North American show is on February 18 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Starting in May, Tool will play a string of European shows through June. That leaves half a year to start recording a new album. One can hope anyway.

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