Travis Scott releases 'K-Pop' with some help from his friends

The Houston rapper teased the new song earlier this week.
Samir Hussein/GettyImages

While Travis Scott hasn't released an album since the tragic events of his Astroworld event in 2021, he's never truly gone away. Since early 2022, Scott has collaborated with lots of different music acts and performed live, including at the Billboard Music Awards last year. But we haven't had original Travis Scott material in some time.

The new single, "K-Pop," features Bad Bunny and The Weeknd. The song is a slow burn with each artist getting their own time to do their thing. Scott's part, even though it's his song, seems shorter than the rest. The true standout is Bad Bunny (which always seems to be the case). His voice is clear and he just seems to exhibit so much emotion with only a few words.

The Weeknd's blends nearly perfectly with Scott and Bad Bunny's. The production, as one might expect from a Travis Scott track, is pristine. This is a song you should listen to on a summer night on a long drive with the windows down.

Travis Scott releases "K-Pop" featuring The Weeknd and Bad Bunny

Scott has also been in the news recently because of his upcoming performance in Egypt in front of the pyramids. In the last week, it appeared the livestream event was going to be canceled due to what The Egyptian Syndicate of Musical Professions cited as safety concerns. However, any worries that the concert would not occur have been disputed by Live Nation. The show is scheduled to happen on July 28th.

Scott's new full-length album, Utopia, still has no official release date, but fans can pre-order the vinyl or CD on his website. The artwork and color of the vinyl don't appear until after you have paid for the record, which seems pretty lame. So you might order the album and not like the artwork yours will have but might like some other artwork. It's unclear if you can change to a different cover once you've purchased the discs (the album is a double LP).

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