Traylor news: Taylor Swift and friends show Chiefs TE Travis Kelce some love

Taylor Swift watches Kelce play the New York Jets on Sunday Night Football.
Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

What did you do on Saturday night? Well, if you are Travis Kelce (and, if you are, thank you for reading) then you apparently stayed the night at Taylor Swift's apartment in New York City before heading back to the hotel where the rest of your team was staying. But clearly, you did some team stuff on Saturday, too, but Taylor Swift seemed to be hanging with Patrick Mahomes' wife before heading back to her apartment, one assumes.

I say all this not to spread gossip. I only know what I read and obviously, I must not have much else to read other than Traylor news. Erm, I mean, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce news. By the way, "Traylor" - it's a real phrase, I hear - is really dumb. Not the couple as I am not judging, but the name "Traylor." It's dumb.

But any person who has the power to show up to an American football game and increase ticket sales before the game has a lot of power. Hopefully, Taylor Swift wields her power with care and thoughtfulness, but tickets before the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets game on Sunday did increase a ton simply because there was some mention of Swift showing up to watch the game.

That's real power. Scary power.

Taylor Swift watches Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce play for second week in a row

Or maybe more proof of the power of Taylor is that she showed up to the game with, I guess compared to her, little-known Ryan Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively (or maybe Reynold's is Lively's husband?) and that all people are discussing is that Taylor Swift was at the Jets and Chiefs game and not Reynolds or Lively. It's Taylor Swift's world.

As far as the game goes, Travis Kelce didn't play all that well as he finished with 6 catches but just 60 yards. Maybe he was tired from the night before? (I joke.) The Chiefs did win 23-20, however. But Kelce did leave the game alone while Swift left with a friend.

To be fair, though, most players take the team bus back to the team hotel as the team might fly out shortly after the game. That's just football life. What is the next chapter in the Traylor story? Who knows, but the media and Swifties want to know, I guess.

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