3 underrated artists nominated at the 2024 Grammys

These three artists deserve more love.
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Being considered underrated while at the same time being nominated for a major award is a little ironic. But just because a musical artist is nominated for a Grammy Award does not mean that artist is getting all the love they deserve. In fact, this could be an example of how the awards show knows a bit more than the listening public and that is a shame.

Good music is good music, right? The philosopher Huey Lewis (of the firm The News) once said, "There are only two types of music: Good and bad." He was correct, of course.

All the artists below are excellent. They deserve more love from the general public, however. Not from the band General Public, but that would be cool, too.

Three underrated musical artists nominated for a Grammy Award in 2024

Underrated No. 1 - Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys have carved out their niche somewhat in rock, but the band has never reached the kind of mainstream success they deserved. This might partly be due to the band not really caring so much about that. Frontman Alex Turner has always zigged when others would have zagged and an English band that began as dangerous alternative has evolved over nearly two decades to incorporate blues and heavy rock.

But make no mistake that the songs the band produces are driven by incredible and infectious melodies. The band could strip every track down to a single acoustic guitar and the structure would hold. This is the secret to all great music, though, right? Even the darkest of black metal has some semblance of a great melody, but few people write consistently well as Turner and his friends.

Most of the band's seven studio albums have been critically lauded, but only two have sold at least one million units in the United States. Thankfully, and rightfully, the group's native UK appreciates them more. Perhaps one thing that holds the band back from being more popular in the US, if the band even sees it that way, is that they have only produced four studio albums since 2009.

Arctic Monkeys are nominated for three Grammy Awards in 2024. These include Alternative Music Album (The Car), Rock Performance ("Sculptures Of Anything Goes"), and Alternative Music Performance ("Body Paint").