Four songs that should have won Record of the Year at the Grammys

As the 2024 Grammy Awards get near, here are four stunning songs that shouldn't have missed out on a Record Of The Year award. 
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The Record Of The Year category in the Grammy Awards has been around for a long time, since 1959 in fact. This category recognizes a single song or album track and can be won by the artist, producer, recording engineer, and/or mixer. It is a separate category from Song Of The Year, which is won by the songwriter. 

There is a lengthy list of nominations in this category. That includes some amazing songs. It's quite some list when you add in the eventual winners each year too. As you'd expect, many big names from the music industry appear on it.

Looking back at those nominations and award winners, for some years I’m shocked at the nominated songs which were beaten to the Grammy Awards. And even more so when compared to the actual winners for those years. Four songs from separate years stand out in particular as miscarriages of music and awards justice. 

Shock Record Of The Year losers at Grammy Awards

Before looking at those four songs, we should start by recognising that the terms of the award mean that sales or chart positions are not a factor in deciding the award. So it's not at all about which records sold the most. Nor those that climbed higher in the charts. 

You may disagree with my view of the four songs that missed out, or those that won. Perhaps the passage of time and a good dose of hindsight have put a fresh light on some of those award decisions. It’s going to be a matter of personal opinion. And of course, nothing will change that original outcome.