Usher scores big with post-Super Bowl gig

Usher and TV might be the perfect pairing.

Joi Stokes/GettyImages

How much do you love Usher's music? Enough to watch a television show inspired by his three decades of music but with very little else to go on in terms of characters or actors involved? If so, you are going to love the news of Usher's latest gig.

An as-of-yet untitled Usher project is in development with Universal Studio Group to create a TV series inspired by the R&B star's songs. How these songs will help form an entire show is anyone's guess. The same can be said of whether the star will actually act on the show either. That would make sense since his songs are being used, but that is just me guessing.

Since the project was just announced, it could be some time before fans see the show. In fact, there is no timetable on when or if the series will come to fruition. Sometimes projects are just that but never become a series. Plus, the concept is such that the show is going to have some pretty good writers in order to take Usher's tracks and move them into an entertaining television episode or 50.

Usher will be working to develop a new TV series based on his music

In a press release this week, the pop star said, "My 30-year catalog has resonated with so many people no matter where they were in their lives. I’m happy to be working with (Universal Studio Group) to bring the music to life. I hope the series resonates with you the way my music continues to."

Hopefully, overall the series will be better than Usher's Super Bowl halftime performance was. He started a bit slowly just like the game itself. He appeared on the verge of having the most boring halftime show in years. Thankfully, once his guest stars, such as H.E.R. and Lil Jon appeared, the performance picked up quite a bit.

That said, though, all we know about the concept of the television series is that it will focus on "Black love in Atlanta and individuals looking to find a place to call home. The series will explore music, style, sex, romance, and secrets that threaten to tear relationships apart." The drama will also be produced by Usher.

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