Zendaya is not ready to call it quits on her music career

The actress might still want to sing.
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Zendaya is becoming an ever-more-popular actress. She is now important enough to carry a film. Her new feature, Challengers, opened at number one at the box office this past weekend even though the movie involves tennis and not football. (Based on the success, however. one might wonder if Taylor Swift involving Travis Kelce's Kansas City Chiefs might do crazy money.)

In other words, the only huge draw for American fans (tennis is rightfully bigger in other parts of the world as it is an amazing sport) was Zendaya, who has performed in such gems as the series Euphoria and a couple of Spider-Man films. If ever an agent was going to their client and asked, "Do you want to get back into music?" the time would be now for Zendaya's agent. She is about to be a superstar.

Zendaya has released one studio album but that was long ago in 2013. The record was self-titled and produced the single "Replay." That song reached number 40 on Billboard's Hot 100. Not bad, but if she released the song now, the expectations would be much higher than 40.

Zendaya hopes to put new music out "one day"

Zendaya recently appeared on The Jennifer Hudson Show and talked about the potential she would make new music. One important aspect seems to hold her back, though: The music industry itself. Zendaya implied she does not like the way record execs chew up young musical artists, use them the best they can, and then discard them. For instance, Zendaya was scheduled to have a second album released in 2016 and it has yet to see the light of day.

Jennifer Hudson knows a few things about being an actress and a musical act as well. The balancing act is not an easy one, but not because Hudson or Zendaya lack talent in either medium. More because the business of music can steal the joy of creating songs. This is what Zendaya said anyway.

She told Hudson, "I love music, and it’s something that’s been special to me. I think being in the music industry, maybe it, it didn’t kill the joy of music, but it’s when you put music and business together. Sometimes it cannot feel so good."

Zendaya did say that "one day" she might release new music. She is only 27 years old and has a long career ahead of her. The music will still be there for her as long as she wants to wait.

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