31 Days of spooky, Day 18: 'Love song For A Vampire' by Annie Lennox

Another spooky song in our series from a hit movie film soundtrack.
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Annie Lennox released some amazing songs in her solo period after her success with The Eurythmics. “Love Song For A Vampire” is very much in that category with her brilliant voice aptly fitting the hauntingly romantic style of the song. And indeed making an ideal match for the hit movie where the song forms part of the soundtrack.

Brahm Stoker’s Dracula was released into cinemas late in 1992 and closely based on the original gothic book by Bram Stoker. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, the movie was a big success at the box office and well received critically. It has a romantic theme as its base with the story of Dracula pursuing his love for Mina Harker, the two main characters being played by Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder. 

Annie Lennox and her spooky vampire love song

Lennox wrote “Love Song For A Vampire” for the movie. It makes an appearance at the end during the closing credits and both the music and the lyrics link in very well. Lush strings and the orchestral arrangements, combined with Lennox’s haunting vocals make a perfect combination. The video for the song illustrates that well with Lennox giving her own yearningly romantic performance in a very gothic style. 

When released as a double A-side with “Little Bird” by Lennox, it hit number three in the UK charts. Perhaps not one of Lennox’s biggest hits, but memorable amongst them all. And a good reason for why you should always watch and listen as the end credits roll before you stop watching a movie.

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