Bad Omens and Poppy 'V.A.N.' review: Not for the faint of heart

"V.A.N." will appear on the new Bad Omens album.
Santiago Felipe/GettyImages

Poppy has had an interesting career and has been around a lot longer than some might think. 10 years ago, she scored a record deal with Island Records and has since become a master of the visual medium while also becoming somewhat of a surprising star in nu-metal. Bad Omens has played with different subgenres of metal and seem to be able to adapt to everything and everyone so the idea of a collaboration between Poppy and Bad Omens seem like a match made in metal heaven.

But how good is the new song "V.A.N."? Is the track simply a money grab union and one that peaks interest but ultimately is forgotten about a week later. Or the song something that could get nominated at next year's Grammy Awards for Best Metal Performance?

That last part isn't as far-fetched as it may seem. Poppy became the first solo female artist to be nominated for the Best Metal Performance Grammy in 2020. That was for "BLOODMONEY" from the album I Disagree.

Bad Omens and Poppy bring the noise

"V.A.N.", which stands is an acronym for "violence against nature," is indeed as great as the sum of its parts might imply. An industrial-metal base gets a layer of Poppy's ping-y staccato, a heap of inconsistent bombastic guitar, dance-synth grooves that sound like something Depeche Mode does in concert, and a topping of cathartic screams.

The middle part of the track sounds like a less-dark and poppy (sorry not sorry about the pun) King Woman. The track might make you think you are about to watch a John Wick film with all its silly violence, and yet you still get high-end entertainment from it all.

The song does not reimagine metal but borrows heavily from many subgenres. The 4-minute and 34-second tune could have been shortened by about a minute and been just as good. Still, the song is a fun and fulfilling listen.

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