Four terrific 1970s albums by female artists that should have sold better

There was plenty of love for these 1970s albums, but they deserved more sales and much higher chart success.
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The 1970s had some stunning music across many genres. That period also featured a huge contribution from a wide range of female artists. They released many absolute classic albums which remain highly rated to this day. Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, and Carly Simon are all examples of brilliant albums to their name which will be in many music listeners' collections. And let's not forget Joni Mitchell either, especially after her moving appearance at the 2024 Grammys.

Others like Annie Lennox, another Grammy 2024 act, became solo performers much later in their musical careers. But they started off during the 1970s initially as part of a band. In her case The Tourists which she then followed in the 1980s in the brilliant Eurythmics with Dave Stewart. 

Alongside those legends of the music business are many other amazing female artists and the records they released. Among all the multi-platinum chart-topping huge sellers there are other albums that didn't get the commercial success they deserved.  Despite them being very well received and regarded. 

Time to revisit these four great 1970s albums

Those albums may still be played regularly or feature great songs which get plenty of airtime. Others may have been forgotten or even missed by many people. It is after all over 40 years since they were released. Which could open up a whole new audience for these great female artist’s albums.

Let’s take a look at four of those albums from female artists back in the 1970s. We should either remember these warmly or perhaps discover them as new if they are unfamiliar. Whatever their level of commercial success, they all deserve praise as superb albums, even after all those years.