Kelly Jones is busy: New Stereophonics and a solo album coming in 2024

  • Jones is currently on tour with Far From Saints
  • Some Stereophonics songs already recorded
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Isn't it about time for the Stereophonics to release a new record? Mostly by clockwork, the band has released a new record every couple of years. Their last album, Oochya!, was released in March 2022, so 2024 would be about right on schedule for a new album. According to Stereophonics frontman, Kelly Jones, the band will indeed release a new record at some point in 2024.

But that won't be all, for all you Kelly Jones fans. Jones is expected to put out a solo album in 2024 as well. That is potentially a lot of good music.

Jones is currently on tour with side project Far From Saints. The band formed when Jones was doing a solo tour in the United States in 2019 and his supporting group, The Wind and the Wave, and Jones and the two members of The Wind and the Wave began creating songs during afternoons before shows just for fun. If you haven't heard Far From Saints, don't start by expecting any Stereophonics bombast. The band is country-tinged Americana, and really good.

Kelly Jones talks about new Stereophonics album

Patty Lyn is the lead vocalist while Jones adds harmonies or duets. Dwight Baker fills out the trio and is a well-regarded songwriter. Baker actually has written music for pop star Kelly Clarkson as well.

But for lovers of the Stereophonics, the new record - yet untitled - will be the band's 13th studio record. According to what Kelly Jones told the BBC, the band is already in the mixing stages with the first tracks. Jones did not go into detail about how many new songs have been recorded yet, however. The album should be released after the 2024 summer.

Jones said that it is about time to get the Stereophonics "rolling again." That sounds fun for most of us who love the band. In fact, while their entire catalog has something to offer, their first two records, Word Gets Around and Performance and Cocktails, are must-haves.

As far as Jones' solo record, that is already done and just waiting to be unleashed upon the public. Jones expects the record to be released in the spring.

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