Kylie Kelce cruises with beer and crushes Taylor Swift all at once

It is one thing for a potential future family member to like you, but Kelce goes one step further with Swift.
Kylie Kelce with Jason Kelce
Kylie Kelce with Jason Kelce / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Taylor Swift is seemingly tight with her boyfriend's family. If she wasn't we would know it. As famous as Swift is, in the United States her boyfriend and his family are not far behind. That is because Swift's beau, Travis Kelce, is a great player for the Kansas City Chiefs, and his brother, Jason, is a former center for the Philadelphia Eagles. Swift is huge, but the NFL is bigger in America.

Still, Swift and the Kelces seem like decent and laid-back people away from their jobs. Jason's wife, Kylie, should not be dismissed either. As great as Jason was off the field, Kylie is likely just as great away from football. She works, among other things, as an event consultant for the Eagles Autism Foundation. She's good people.

Plus, she recently showed another talent: Carrying three pitchers of beer while belting out a Taylor Swift tune. I am not sure about you but I am pretty sure I could try to carry three pitchers of beer without spilling them while doing nothing else and would find a way to have more beer on the floor than in glasses. Singing a song with the full pitchers? No way.

Kylie Kelce goes full belt on a Taylor Swift song

Kylie Kelce, though, was able to accomplish the feat all while doing a good deed. She and Jason were hosting the fourth annual Team 62 Foundation fundraiser. Proceeds go to the autism foundation. The event took place at The Ocean Drive beach bar in New Jersey and by all accounts, the fundraiser was a hoot.

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Kylie seemingly stole the moment though with the beer and a bit of Swift. When Taylor's "Love Story" blared over the speakers, Kylie was more than happy to sing along. Likely to Swift's delight, Kylie Kelce seemingly knew every word.

Still, singing while having the strength to hold all the liquid from the beer. That might be the most impressive part.

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