Music news: Green Day's new album, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin

  • Green Day announces new album
  • Keith Richards comments on modern music
  • Robert Plant does an old Zeppelin tune
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Green Day fans, rejoice! (By the way, should Green Day fans call themselves Greenies, just like Taylor Swift fans call themselves Swifties? Asking for a friend, you see.) The California punkers have announced they have a new album that will be released in January.

To go along with the announcement, Green Day also put out a new single called, "The American Dream is Killing Me." The track does not differ in theme from previous Green Day songs, and might even be more of an homage to their past. Imagine a less-wordy Dead Kennedys song with crisper production and better vocals.

Boom! That's the new Green Day song. And if the rest of the album sounds much like "The American Dream is Killing Me" then we are in for the best Green Day record in years.

Green Day's new record, Rolling Stones and modern music, and Plant sings Zeppelin

The band will also be hitting the road with the Smashing Pumpkins and Rancid and others in 2024. So even if there was no new record, the concerts would be must-see. But now knowing there is a new Green Day record, you should start saving for tickets like three years ago.

The Rolling Stones are back in a big way. Should there be any other way? No, not really. Hackney Diamonds, the group's latest record, will hit No. 1 on the British charts as every other album they've recorded in the last 300 years has.

But what does guitarist Keith Richards think of modern music? Not much.

In an interview with The Independent, Richards said modern music was far too overproduced. Richards said, "Don’t get me going on modern-day music. Push-button drums and everything is synthesized. Digital recording is a one-way toilet." And well, for the most part, he isn't wrong.

Finally, in some even more positive news, Robert Plant took the stage at a benefit concert this past weekend for The Cancer Platform, a show developed by Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor, and sang "Stairway to Heaven" for the first time publicly in 16 years. Plant sounds amazing on the song and his band overall will give you the tingles.

If you haven't heard part of Plant's performance yet (along with Andy Taylor), click on the above. You won't be sad you did.

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