Netflix doc 'Beckham' shines perfect light on Posh Spice too

Victoria Beckham stands out in docuseries.
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Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift really have nothing on how massively popular the beginnings of the David Beckham and Posh Spice (Victoria Adams) relationship was in the 1990s. If there had been the amount of apps and social media storm that we have now, the internet might literally have broken. And the relatively new Netflix docuseries Beckham does a great job of shining a lot on the chaos that followed Beckham and Adams.

Taylor Swift is a massive star, of course, but so were the Spice Girls in the 1990s. The woman most of the world now knows as Victoria Beckham was one of the most important of the Spice Girls. She might not have been the best singer, though she was not bad, but she was the most glamorous.

So when she and David Beckham, who globally was (and likely still is) much bigger than Travis Kelce ever could be simply because soccer is much bigger than the NFL globally, finally announced they were dating, the known world went insane. But what Netflix does such an excellent job with is not just giving us an insight into David Beckham at the time the madness began through current interviews, but we also get to watch and hear Victoria's point of view as well.

Victoria Beckham dazzles in Netflix docuseries Beckham

Both David and Victoria somehow come across as down to earth people even though they have been in the media's eye for decades. Maybe that has helped shape them into the people they are and given them the ability to be introspective as well as candid. The questions they are asked in the docuseries aren't always easy to answer, but both do their best.

But it is the stand-alone moments with Victoria Beckham that dazzle most. She is thoughtful and intelligent in her responses to director Fisher Stevens' questions. There is also no doubt that she still cares deeply about David Beckham after 24 years of marriage. When she talks about she doesn't follow or love football (soccer in some countries), she wants to be clear that she loved watching David play and she could even watch him paint the walls and love doing so.

The only problem with the doc is the wedding clothing. A purple wedding suit for David and a purple dress for Victoria? To each their own, I guess.

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