Original names of the Beach Boys and other iconic groups might surprise you

Find out who was called what when these top groups started out and why some of their names were changed.
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Original names for three more iconic groups

The Beatles

A well-known early name was The Quarrymen. Three of the Fab Four, John, Paul, and George played under that name, just Ringo was missing. Those three also worked under the lesser-known names of Johnny And The Moondogs and Japage 3. It was John, who with his love of Buddy Holly and The Crickets picked out Sliver Beatles from a list involving many other insect variations. That then became the Beatles shortly after.


Again three of this group were involved when they were known as Big Fat Noises. Drummer Will Champion joined to complete the foursome and they had their first gig in January 1998, but quickly decided to go under the name Starfish. With a little more time after the gig to reflect on names they decided on Coldplay. It's hard to imagine a Big Fat Noise getting announced on the Glastonbury Festival Pyramid Stage. 


The core of this Australian group when initially formed was three brothers,  Andrew, Jon, and Tim Farriss. They also had singers Michael Hutchence, Garry Beers, and Kirk Pengilly. So the startup name of The Farriss Brothers makes a lot of sense. 

After a break for school/college final year they reformed as the less obviously named The Vegetables. A lucky break saw them supporting Midnight Oil and other local bands on a run of gigs. It was a member of the crew from Midnight Oils who suggested their new name INXS. He’d been inspired by a UK band and a jam maker, XTC, and IXL, to come up with the letters and phonetic play on In Excess.