The Rolling Stones are on amazing form on their second release from Hackney Diamonds

'Hackney Diamonds' is the new album from The Rolling Stones. It’s not released until October 20, but there’s been plenty going on over the last few weeks. Now we are able to listen to the band's second release “Sweet Sounds Of Heaven” from the new album.
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After the official album launch in September, the Rolling Stones released “Angry” a swaggering, riff-laden, undeniably Stones track. It was hailed by critics as their best music in years. That must have been reassuring news for the band members. 

Now we have the second release from Hackney Diamonds, in advance of the album itself. The band issued a short trailer for the new track on September 20. That was followed by the official release of “Sweet Sounds Of Heaven” at 5 p.m. BST later that same day. 

The new song is gospel-based and features both Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder. That’s a good enough draw combined with The Rolling Stones themselves to make it worth a listen. You can hear “Sweet Sounds Of Heaven” now on a wide range of streaming and digital services and on YouTube below.

From the quiet bluesy piano beginning, overlaid with Mick Jagger's soulful vocals the song builds in intensity. Lady Gaga’s vocals are superb and compliment Jagger brilliantly. The guitars and keyboards are superb throughout adding depth to the music. 

The Rolling Stones new single "Sweet Sounds Of Heaven" is amazing

The new song is just over 7 minutes of excellence, sounding like the band at their 60s and 70s prime. Already The Telegraph has reviewed the song, ranked it as 5-star and declared it a triumph. Their review repeats the point from “Angry” that the band is back at its best.

"Sweet Sound of Heaven is a thrilling, uplifting proto-gospel song that belongs in the very highest echelons of the Stones’ starry catalogue."

The Telegraph

It seems likely that further very positive critical acclaim will follow over the coming days. That's two superb Rolling Stones at their best tracks to help sway us favourably toward the new album. I’m sold, I can't wait for its release next month.

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