Simon Cowell backs new streaming service as another faces an uncertain future

Simon Cowell adds his support to a new platform for entertainment and music creators. It looks promising but alongside that another platform revealed shock news.
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Entertainment and music entrepreneur Simon Cowell has added his support to a new streaming platform That’s alongside another, Bandcamp, taking what seems to be a backward step. It’s likely coincidental and they aren't quite offering the same services, but there is a definite similarity in them both providing opportunities for new talent.  

Cowell is well known worldwide as the man behind X Factor, Syco Entertainment, and the Got Talent franchise. Over the years he has helped introduce and manage many huge music acts. Those range from Susan Boyle to Little Mix, Labrinth, Louis Tomlinson, and One Direction, amongst many others. 

He has now added his backing and support to a new entertainment streaming service The service there is aimed beyond just musicians. With its video streaming you can see why it is linked with music, comedy, and also fitness trainers - the visual element being significant. Apart from the obvious platform for exposure and reach there are some very key points being made by around artists having control over their work. Prompt payment with 80% of all streaming income going to the artists is another positive feature. Those appear to have helped convince Cowell to add his support. 

Bandcamp backwards move as Simon Cowell steps up

They aren't offering the same services but both and Bandcamp would appear on a Venn diagram of services offered to musicians to share their work. Bandcamp is aimed at musicians and their fans or listeners. The artists and their labels are able to upload music to the platform and offer access to that via downloads, streaming, and sales of both physical and digital music, along with merchandise. A big difference with the likes of Spotify or Apple Music is that the artists can set and control the prices charged to their fans and listeners. 

Bandcamp has been around since 2007 but was bought by Epic Games in 2022. Many questioned at the time how the music platform fitted with the video games business. Epic perhaps answered that last month by announcing a 16 percent staff reduction and the sale of the business to another music platform, Songtradr.

Somewhat dramatically SongTradr has announced further cuts to Bandcamp with what is believed to be a reduction of around half its staff. Those changes and other potential plans have left artists and fans in uproar and very uncertain over what the future looks like. Social media continues to rage and provide some support as fans and artists look for alternatives and ex-Bandcamp workers offer their services and seek employment opportunities.  

It’s quite a contrast between the two platforms. As with all new ventures takeovers and changes, it’ll be very interesting to see how this works out in practice over time for both Bandcamp and

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