30 songs that absolutely define 30 cities

These songs define some towns.

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Some of what we write here at AudioPhix is designed to introduce readers to overlooked bands. Some are intended to celebrate important historic achievements. Some are meant to shed light on current events from the wide swath of entertainment which touches on – and in turn, is touched on by – music. Well, this ain’t any of that.

I’m telling you upfront that this is frivolous, silly, and hopefully, fun. It’s a list that matches a song with a city. Said song may or may not have something profound to say about said city. It may be well-known and closely identified with the city. Or it may be fairly obscure. It just has to be related to the city in some reasonable way.

That’s really the point. I just want to call your attention to some really good songs, some of which you know, and some of which you don’t. I’m using the cities as an organizing principle. Maybe it’ll get you thinking about your city and the music it has inspired. Maybe not.

30 songs that represent 30 United States cities

Today, we are counting down the 30 most populous cities in the USA, and offering up one song that is somehow related. Beginning with this.

"BALTIMORE" by 5 Chinese Brothers (1992)

Frontman Tom Meltzer wrote this beautiful tribute to his hometown on the 5 Chinese Brothers’ first album Singer Songwriter Beggarman Thief. A jangly guitar and a lead accordion drive the upbeat tune that recalls the glory days.

“Once we won the Series, took it going away – Once we sat on top of the NFL and the NBA,” and concludes with the great observation “Everybody’s a fool for something, I’m a fool for Baltimore.”