Will Taylor Swift be at the 2024 Oscars? Here is what we know

Will the queen of pop make an appearance?

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The 2024 Oscar Awards will take place on Sunday, March 10. As much as the Oscars are fun to watch, the ceremony is more than just which movies win which trophies. The broadcast is as much about watching Hollywood royalty and music stars on the red carpet and appear on stage as anything else. But will Taylor Swift make an appearance at the Oscars?

Swift would only be showing up to mingle. She is not nominated for an award this year either for Best Original Song or for her concert film of The Eras Tour. That is fine because I do not know Swift but I am sure she isn't worried about what movie awards she might get. Not yet anyway. Music awards are more important and she has plenty of those and will likely continue to add to her collection.

There is one issue with Taylor Swift being at the Oscars, though. She is currently on the Singapore swing of her tour and the shows will not end until Saturday, March 9. That, of course, is the day before the ceremony but there is also a massive time difference (16 hours) between Singapore and Los Angeles, which is where the Oscars are held.

Sorry, Swifties: Taylor Swift is very unlikely to be at the 2024 Oscars

Assuming Swift ends her final show in Singapore at 11 pm (a little early for one of her concerts to end, to be honest), she would then basically have two hours to flee the venue, find her airplane, and then if all goes well get to the Oscars with about an hour to spare. That does not include her changing outfits unless she can do so on the plane. That is a possibility, of course.

Swift could then rush to the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, quickly get out of her car, put her arm in a waiting Travis Kelce's, and the two would make their way down the red carpet and be interviewed by about 100 media outlets. Is all that physically possible? Yes.

But is Taylor Swift making the Oscars a probability? Not at all. First of all, why would she feel the need to be there? Secondly, the time crunch is likely too much. Maybe Travis Kelce will just have to go without her.

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