Taylor Swift is this close to watching the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl

Swift is flying back from Japan to try to catch the big game.
Kara Durrette/GettyImages

Taylor Swift wants to be at the Super Bowl, I assume. Her boyfriend, tight end Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs, will be playing and Swift clearly loves to watch him do his thing. Plus, Kelce, even before Swift came into his life, was very good at his job.

Many NFL fans seemed turned off by television cameras panning to Swift in a press box watching her favorite player. Of course, this is not Swift's fault. She has no control over what broadcast crews do. Also, it should be noted that the average time during a game that the pop star is shown on the screen is a total of 35 seconds. If 35 seconds are bothering someone, they might need to re-examine their life.

The question here, though, is whether Taylor Swift will be able to get to the Super Bowl on time. The answer appears to be a definite yes. After performing four shows in Japan last week, Swift flew back from Tokyo and appears to have landed on Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the Super Bowl is being held. Except for a bit of jet lag - possibly a lot of jet lag - Swift should have no issues during the game.

Taylor Swift appears set to watch Travis Kelce and the Chiefs in Super Bowl LVIII

Travis Kelce also has reportedly sprung for a luxury suite for his family and, likely, Swift to watch the game as well. There was some question where Swift and Kelce's mom, Donna, would be watching the game from inside the stadium. The luxury suites reportedly cost $1 million. That is impossibly expensive to you and me, probably, but to Kelce, not as much.

So, yes, Swifties. Your favorite singer will be at the game and watching the Kansas City Chiefs play the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII. If you are viewing the game to catch a glimpse of the pop star, make sure you pay attention. Those 35 seconds are broken up in several pieces so you might easily miss her.

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