The Phenomenauts: A punk, new wave, psychobilly sci-fi fusion

Who or what are The Phenomenauts? Here are the basic facts!
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The Phenomenauts are an American punk rock band formed in 2000 in Oakland, California, known for their unique blend of punk, new wave, rockabilly, and synth-pop music, often described as "rocket roll" due to their space-themed imagery and lyrics. The band's aesthetic revolves around a retro-futuristic, science fiction-inspired theme.

Here are some key points about The Phenomenauts!

Formation and Members: The band was formed in 2000 by "Commander Angel Nova" and "Leftenant AR7." Other original members (who appear to have secret identities) have included "Major Jimmy Boom", "Lunar Captain Ripley Clipse", and "Chief Engineer Atom Bomb," and plenty of others.

Musical Style: Their music incorporates elements of punk rock, rockabilly, new wave, and pop.
They utilize instruments like synthesizers and theremin to create a unique sound that complements their space-themed aesthetic. (Some will correct my use of the term "utilize," but Corporal Joebot 2.0 sported something called the "Therimatic Helmerator" – a helmet with a wireless theremin. That ought to count as utilizing something in a way it's not typically used.)

Lyrics and Themes: The Phenomenauts' lyrics often revolve around science fiction themes, outer space, intergalactic adventures, futuristic concepts, and general science. For example, their song "Science And Honor" contains the following lyrics:
"Science is the search for truth (whoa-oh-oh)
It only find the facts, it has no agenda
Reason could never hurt the youth (whoa-oh-oh)
It only makes them think, you're dumb if that offends you..."
So yes, their songs often tell stories set in a fictional space-faring future.

Albums by The Phenomenauts

Albums and Discography: The Phenomenauts have released several albums, including
Rocket Roll (2004), Re-Entry (2006), For All Mankind (2008), Escape Velocity (2012), and Between Planets (2018), among others.

Live Performances: The band is known for their energetic and entertaining live performances, which often include elaborate costumes, synchronized dance moves, and interactive audience participation. The Phenomenauts have garnered a dedicated fanbase, and they have toured extensively, both in the United States and internationally, often sharing the stage with other punk and rock bands. They also gained notoriety in 2003 for sneaking into the Warped Tour (technically, a very punk rock thing to do).

The Phenomenauts are recognized for their distinctive style, catchy tunes, and engaging live shows, making them a notable presence in the punk rock scene with their space-age twist. In 2011 they played at the Sacramento Freethought Day, an event promoted as "encouraging ... science and the First Amendment." They have also promoted Neil deGrasse Tyson.

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