This might be the worst song ever except for one fantastic moment

1-877-Kars4Kids is likely the most annoying song ever.
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You know you've heard the jingle. You know because even if you do not know the product it's referring to you find yourself humming the tune for...well, ever. Most likely, somewhere in the recesses of your brain, there is a hint of the 1-877-Kars-4-Kids softly playing. It might feel like an annoying gnat in your ear, but sadly that would be too easy.

The 1-877-Kars-4-Kids song was produced by a reputable company with a good cause. You no longer want your beater of a vehicle? Instead of taking it down to the local quarry and pushing the car into the ravine, why not donate your lemon instead. Someone somewhere needs your car, and that is no joke.

According to their website, Kars4Kids is a "registered nonprofit Jewish organization who, together with Oorah, our sister charity, helps thousands of children." Who can argue with the goodness implied in that description? People need help many times and Kars4Kids helps them.

Kars4Kids jingle has one saving moment thanks to Family Guy

But what they don't do is help our ears. The jingle in their ads is just atrocious. The track is droning, uncharismatic, and unimaginative dreck. But the company has to know that as there are lots of stories on the interwebs about 1-877-Kars-4-Kids being the most hated song ever.

If the track was around when music was just being invented, the people in charge of the tribe would likely club any instruments used to create the song and then banished the creators to the desert until they came back with something better (though one might wonder if they produced such awfulness as the Kars4Kids song they might not be capable of much). The same people who wrote Kars4Kids probably also wrote the theme for WKRP in Cincinnati. I'm joking and I do not know that to be true, and I am too lazy to bother researching it.

But there is one amazingly great homage to 1-877-Kars4Kids and that comes from, of all places, Family Guy. The animated series not only makes fun of the song but, at the same time, elevates the track to something close to opera. The 36-second clip above is enough to make the jingle tolerable.

So the next time you cannot turn off the sound quickly enough when the Kars4Kids commercial comes on, try to go to your safe place and remember the Family Guy homage. You can thank me later.

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