Travis Kelce proves he is a pop star just like Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce and his brother, Jason, have achieved something musically.

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Everyone knows that Taylor Swift can sell out stadiums, and produce albums that sell millions, and create songs that hit number 1, but as it turns out, Taylor Swift's beau, Travis Kelce, can do that last bit too. So Kelce likely isn't just another pretty face to Taylor. Travis Kelce can make good music.

OK, to be real, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce did get a lot of help from his brother, Jason - Jason plays center for the Philadelphia Eagles, and some pretty decent engineering on the track, "Fairytale of Philadelphia." That song is now number 1 on Billboard's Rock Digital Song Sales and Holiday Digital Song Sales. Not even Swift has had a song hit number 1 on the Holiday Digital Songs Sales.

Does this mean Travis Kelce is a more important musical artist than Taylor Swift? (Of course, not. I am joking, Swifties!)

Travis Kelce does something musically Tay Swift has not accomplished

"Fairytale of Philadelphia" is a play on the Pogues' excellent "Fairytale of New York" and the song is part of a second Christmas album that Jason Kelce did with former Eagle Connor Barwin and actor Charlie Hall, along with the one track that Travis Kelce was involved with. Profits from the album sales will go toward helping less fortunate people in Philadelphia.

According to what Travis Kelce said on the podcast he does with Jason, "New Heights,"That song was fun. That song was actually pretty sweet, man. I enjoyed doing it. The guys, the team, came out and hung out with me in Kansas City for a few hours and we knocked it out."

Travis Kelce is also humble enough to say the song sounded better than he expected as he doesn't view himself as a talented singer. The song itself is not bad, either, for what it is intended to be: Two football players, one who happens to date the most popular pop star on earth, trying to create a song that will go on an album meant to help some people who need some assistance. In a way, the success of "Fairytale of Philadelphia" is a fairytale of good intentions.

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