US band is hot favorite for a surprise Glastonbury Festival appearance

It’ll soon be time for the Glastonbury Festival. We know the headliners, but who will be the big surprise act to make an appearance?
Glastonbury Festival
Glastonbury Festival / Matt Cardy/GettyImages

It’s not long now until the Glastonbury Festival weekend at the end of June. There was plenty of speculation earlier this year over the lineup and who the headliners would be. With that all in place you’d think the rumours would be behind us now. That’s not the case though.

Dua Lipa, Coldplay, and Sza are all in place at the top of the bill for the Pyramid Stage for the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. There’s a strong array of artists across that stage and the many others in the lineup. We also seen a few more names added in recent days as the organizers published further details and set times across the stages. 

That’s where the next bout of speculation has been fuelled. There are several gaps still to be filled, including one at 6 p.m. local time on Saturday evening.  We spent weeks and months wondering who would be named in the lineup. Now the focus is on who hasn’t been listed and whether they might make a surprise appearance. 

Who will follow the Foo Fighters with a  Glastonbury secret appearance?

Just last year it was the Foo Fighters who turned up under the name of The Churn Ups. The leading speculation so far doesn’t have Dave Grohl and his mates as a repeat of that, but it does have some other great bands as possibilities.

The Killers are among the hot favorites. They have some history at Glastonbury with four appearances, one of which was a secret last-minute appearance. They are currently on tour across the UK and Ireland with a Glastonbury-shaped hole in their gig dates. 

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Other top contenders include Pulp and Blur. Jarvis Cocker from Pulp is already on the bill at the Festival in a couple of lower-key spots. Maybe he’s brought his mates with him. As for Blur, they had a tough time with a quiet and unresponsive crowd at Coachella in April. A secret Glastonbury crowd in front of adoring fans might appeal to the band. 

Kasabian are another top favourite with one bookmaker already suspending betting on them making a secret appearance. The Glastonbury weekend sits neatly between a Kasabian gig the week before and the band's new album being released the week after the Festival. 

In practice, it could be any of those or an artist that’s kept well below the radar so far. No doubt the speculation will continue until the Glastonbury weekend itself. My guess is that we might have Mr Brightside making an appearance. 

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