Usher Super Bowl halftime show rumors: Who might join him on stage

Alicia Keys is the only seemingly confirmed artist to join Usher but there will likely be others.
Ryan Kang/GettyImages

We already knew that Usher would be performing during the Apple Music Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show. If you did not know that and you have stumbled onto this article by accident, stick around because I have a bit more information for you. Whether you did or did not know Usher was the halftime entertainment, you might want to know who could be popping up as guests with him.

One musical artist we learned in the last week who would be joining Usher is pop star Alicia Keys. We can assume Keys will join her pal for "My Boo" which the two entertainers churned out in 2004. (By the way, if you did not feel old already, you are now welcome for feeling that way after you realize "My Boo" is 20 years old this year.)

TMZ got a glimpse of Keys rehearing with Usher last week seemingly confirming the halftime collaboration. We also can assume that Keys will get paid the same amount as Usher to perform at the show. That is, of course, zero dollars and zero cents.

Who might join Usher during halftime at Super Bowl LVIII?

Besides Keys, however, we have just rumors and whispers of rumors of who else might appear on stage. We know that Taylor Swift will be at the game cheering on boyfriend Travis Kelce and his Kansas City Chiefs, but Swift won't be performing any music. Not that we know of anyway.

Ludacris and Lil Jon both live in the Las Vegas, Nevada area - Super Bowl LVIII is being held at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas - and both were featured on another 2004 hit, "Yeah!" Ludacris and Lil Jon getting a call from Usher and being asked to walk down the street for a few minutes to do a song and be seen by a billion people would not be surprising.

Justin Bieber has been spotted checking into a Las Vegas hotel with his friends, the Kardashians, so might he entertain us at halftime as well? Bieber has a song called "Somebody to Love" that features Usher. That is more Bieber's song, however, so maybe Usher might skip it.

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