Matt Skiba And The Sekrets: She Wolf Lyric Video

Matt Skiba, of Alkaline Trio fame, and more recently Blink 182, has yet another project releasing new material. The latest from Matt Skiba And The Sekrets, Kuts, was released June 2nd via Superball Music.

Skiba said of the new record:

I went in with really open and stark ideas, knowing that Rob would breathe life into the very vague ideas I had. I had written progressions and lyrics as well as some leads and key parts, but knew that what I was going to come out of that studio with would be completely different than what I walked in with.

Check out the new video below:

The track list for KUTS is as follows:

1. Lonely and Kold
2. She Wolf
3. Krazy
4. She Said
5. I Just Killed to Say I love You
6. Way Bakk When
7. Krashing
8. Hemophiliak
9. Never Believe
10. Vienna