Singles Mingle – AudioPhix’s Weekly Picks – 5/29/15

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Welcome back to where our own personal musical tastes have a chance to collide: Singles Mingle. This week, everyone gives you their personal pick for what you should be paying more attention to.

Every Friday AudioPhix writers roundup to share our favorite audio-based entertainment from the week that was.

Typically, our song selections will explode your mind so don’t be shocked if… well… your mind is exploded. Here are some selections from a few of our esteemed writers for your audio pleasure.

Refused – “Francafrique”

I’m going to be real honest here: I wasn’t sure about Refused’s new refined sound after they released “Elektra”, the first single off of their upcoming album, Freedom. Remnants of their trademark power jazz rebellion sound could be heard, but it sounded too clean around the edges to be compared to their work on the penultimate, The Shape of Punk to Come. “Francafrique” has put those doubts to rest, displaying everything that put them on the map – dirt caked blues riffs, politically fueled sneers, and a simplistically robust beat. Putting faith in a band’s first album in 17 years can be a tough thing to do, but after hearing this, I’m eagerly looking forward to experiencing the progress Refused made in refining their musical imprint.

Freedom will be available June 30th via Epitaph Records.

– Collin Crea

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