Stream Jake Bowen’s Album – Isometric

Looking for some good concentrating music? Jake Bowen’s got you covered with his new electronica album, Isometric. He’s been working on the album in the time between collaborating with Periphery, and it’s very much in line with that, minus the metal.

Isometric finds it’s strength in a foundation of progressive riffs translated to the ringing bleeps of a keyboard. The repetitive patterns float along ethereal, minimalist guitars, while the hypnotic roll of the drum and bass entrance the listener. None of the album ever gets too in-your-face, and the pace remains at a steady, relaxing stroll.

That’s not to say that elements of metal aren’t present. “Ganzfield” features a palm muted melody, and “City 1816” is built off a slick tap scale. In fact, all it would take is a little distortion to swing any of the songs on the album into the realm of metal, or even post rock, and that’s actually what makes the overall concept so effective. Some of the more new age tracks like “Ligature”, and “Mare Tranquillitatis” fit in perfectly between the heavier guitar tracks like “Productable”, and provide subtle enough changes to keep things from becoming too stagnant.

Sure, Isometric feels a bit understated at times, and there’s a minor lack of anything remarkable throughout, but it’s hard not finding at least an element of it that’s not enjoyable. Unwind your mind by purchasing the LP for $10 from bandcamp, or stream the album below.