New Music Mondays: Ignite… Well They’re Not So New

Normally for something called “New Music Monday”, I’d try to present something that’s actually new to the world.

This Monday, however, I’m presenting something that’s new to me.

New To Me Music Monday.  Sure, why not?

A few days ago, sitting around a fire in a friend’s yard, I was given the name of a band that I’ve never listened to or heard of.  It’s been a while since I’ve been recommended something to jam so highly from more than one person, so I figured I’d give it an honest and worthy chance.

I’m not saying that I’m some sort of know-it-all when it comes to what music is good versus what music is complete crap… clearly.  I’m not some… smug person.  I guess it’s just that I’ve got so many bands that I like, it’s difficult to squeeze more in.  I’ve only got so much head space in this giant dome on my shoulders.

Either way, I was given the following link for a band called Ignite.  This is their album Our Darkest Days:

This album oozed Rise Against mixed with Pennywise and I can’t help but get pumped up when I listen to either of the aforementioned bands, so naturally this album is now in strong rotation after only two days of me knowing this band existed.

New Music Monday gave me an album from 2006.  I feel like I’ve done myself a disservice by not having ever listened to this band (I blame my friends), so if you’re into it, let us know in the comments.

It’s refreshing to hear something you had no idea was there for so long before, yet to you it’s brand new and completely awesome.

It’s even better when you double check to make sure that the band you’re freshly into hasn’t broken up, only to find that they’re touring Europe now.  That leaves some hope that they might make their way down and through Houston.

Until next Monday…