Singles Mingle – AudioPhix’s Favorite New Tracks – 3/13/2015

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Welcome back to where our own personal musical tastes have a chance to collide: Singles Mingle. This week, everyone gives you their personal pick for what you should be paying more attention to.

Every Friday AudioPhix writers roundup to share our favorite audio-based entertainment from the week that was.

Typically, our song selections will explode your mind so don’t be shocked if… well… your mind is exploded. Here are some selections from a few of our esteemed writers for your audio pleasure.


Grimes – “REALiTi”

If Grimes’ voice is the sirens’ call, then tie me to the friggin mast, but at least let me talk about it. This week she released an unheard single “REALiTi” from her reportedly completed but never released album dating back to 2013. Before even listening to the song, I pictured rapper RiFF RAFF having brunch with Grimes and cheers-ing over their newly shared propensity for non-capitalized ‘i’s and non-album tracks. Grimes would be drinking a scotch, served neat with a maraschino cherry, and RiFF RAFF would be sipping on a Versace Cappuccino, in lieu of peach Ciroc (he’s been sober since December, in order to bulk up with Hulk Hogan. Good job RiFF). But that’s neither here nor there. I’m here to discuss Grimes.

The song and video came with a big disclaimer from Grimes herself, letting fans know that “it’s not mixed or mastered” and that she “tried to doctor the mp3 into a listenable state, but it was poorly recorded in the first place and never meant to be heard by anyone, so it’s a bit of a mess.” On the one hand, disclaimers are lame and inherently insecure, but on the other hand, Grimes is pretty well known as being unashamedly active on Tumblr, so music blogs and her fans seem to have made peace with this kind of thing. That, and the song is pretty good.

It’s got the smooth beat feel I look for in a good windows-down driving song. It’s the kind of song someone who wants to go out dancing without letting go enough to lose sight of the sadness in the world would like. It pairs equally well with getting pumped up or crying with a glass (bottle) of wine.

It’s a CYOA of a song. Consider it endorsed.

-Mary Margaret Gowdey

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