Top 5: SXSW 2015 Eats & Treats

During my time at SXSW 2015, I required much sustenance. Previous trips had seen quite obvious slips in judgement, so I was far more careful with my choices this year and it really paid off. I made it a point to try and eat food from mainly food trucks I walked past around town because I’m not often able to do so.

I ended up with some really good food that left me ready to roll. Here are the five best spots I came across.

Hoek’s Death Metal Pizza

Typical for Austin? Maybe.

It’s not often I get to listen to Six Feet Under whilst ordering a gigantic, and most delicious slice of pizza. No trip to Austin is complete for me until I get my fix, and their pizza is probably the best that 6th St. has to offer… especially during SXSW.

They provide the much needed carbs, as well as the superior stoop on which to eat your massive slice of pizza and watch the passers by flood around you.

I did have to mean mug a fairly hungry looking dog when he started to approach my slice, but I’m pretty sure that I stared into his soul with the sounds of pure, unadulterated, and delicious death metal at my back. He got the message.


Angry Eggroll

I’m a consummate sucker for eggrolls. Even the bad ones, I love.

This, however… this eggroll was amazing. I was told it contained something that was “probably pork” and I was into it. It was closer to the size of a soft taco made by a hungry man than your average eggroll, and it was fried to order so in between burning the roof of my mouth and holding back girlish whimpers of pain, I enjoyed one of the finest bites I had during my time at SXSW… ever.

If you’re heading to Austin any time soon, or going to SXSW next year, do yourself a favor, and grab yourself one (or more) Drunken Master. You won’t regret it.



For starters, I’ve stayed away from kimchi on purpose for years. Something about the description of “traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings” turned me off. I can’t put my finger on it… probably the part where it says “fermented fermented fermented fermented fermented fermented fermented”.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Granted, the deliciousness of Chi’lantro’s signature kimchi fries might have been aided by the fact that my rainy day at Fader Fort was… well… raining on my parade, but they were amazing.

Layered with pork, magic sauce, sriracha, and various other items of a delicious nature, I received every penny of my $9 worth of fries I ordered.

I almost got more pleasure out of eating this near other people who were obviously up in the air on grabbing them as well. I must have convinced at least 10 people to jump in the line and try the same.

I may not make it a point to seek out kimchi dishes, but Chi’lantro certainly has my business.


One Taco

I don’t care who you are, if you don’t like tacos, go away.

Tacos are one of the finest edible items in the world, and I had a prime example of why they are so at Little Woodrow’s before heading out to see Spoon.

I’d already eaten but decided it would probably be wise to do so again after such a long trip from Liberty Bar to Little Woodrow’s… in the back of a pedicab. Yes, I’m lazy.

Either way, I thought I’d have to eat some crummy bar sandwich or pay $7 for a corn dog at Auditorium Shores (which I may or may not have done anyway), but then I was pointed in the direction of One Taco’s truck that was parked around the side of the bar.

Thank you, bartender I’ll probably never see again. Thank you.

I ordered a couple tacos and didn’t spend over $7 before tip which up until that point was unheard of.

The tacos were nothing short of amazing. If I could have that truck follow me around on a daily basis to feed me each meal of the day, I would. The next time I’m in Austin, I’ll be actively seeking them out for a second foray into their delicious taco creations, and you should too.


Southside Flying Pizza

After witnessing Snoop Dogg’s keynote, the hanger set in.

Rather than risking a hipster assault, I perused the convention center for edible options.

I went up the escalator and started my quest when I followed an intoxicating scent into one of the rooms that had an acoustic set going on by who I later found out was Twin Shadow.

There were probably 75 people in the room seated quietly in front of the stage, but my eyes were drawn elsewhere (yes… fat kid).

Southside Flying Pizza had a small cart set up with freshly delivered pizzas glistening beneath the heat lamps.

I figured it’d be the easiest thing to do, so I grabbed a slice and a bottle of water and took a table near the back of the room to eat and watch the tail end of Twin Shadow.

Next to Hoek’s, Southside Flying Pizza is on the level.

The sauce and crust tasted extremely fresh and was cooked perfectly. I was far more concerned with the debate going on internally as to if I should grab another piece which would almost certainly send me into a comatose state, than with the set taking place on stage. I have a few friends who were less than pleased with what I paid more attention to, but hey! Good pizza is far better than falling asleep in a chair listening to another acoustic song by that guy I don’t know.

Southside is on my list of places to return to. The only reason it shouldn’t be on yours, is because you haven’t been there yet. Jump on it.


Everyone at SXSW 2015 was on their game in terms of food. I really didn’t have a bad bite the entire time I was there, minus the “breakfasts” provided to me by my 2 1/2 star hotels, but that’s on me.

Until next time SXSW… Stay delicious.


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