Grohl and Love Look to Settle the Score at Scores

After two decades of legal battles over the rights to Nirvana’s musical catalog, as well as countless public spats, grunge staples Dave Grohl and Courtney Love have finally decided to let bygones be bygones. Not without one final winner-takes-all showdown, though.

Sparked by an inevitable reunion at Nirvana’s recent induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in April, Love and Grohl made the realization that despite their differences, they shared a family like bond that shouldn’t be ignored any further. 

“On my way to the bathroom, I saw Grohl, and Grohl saw me, and he came up to me first – which really pissed me off, because I was going to go up to him first. I wanted to beat him to the punch. I was like, ‘All right, no matter what happens, we’re not going to be bitches.’ ” – Courtney Love

In a rare display of affection, the two rockers hugged it out on stage in front of millions of TV viewers at the hall of fame induction, signaling the cease fire.

Dave Grohl

Monday night, the Nirvana drummer, and Hole front woman were seen enjoying each other’s company over shots of tequila while attending photographer Danny Clinch’s book release party at the McKittrick Hotel in New York. As is often the case with liquor and friends, a gentleman’s bet was born.

$10,000 to the rock star that can pull the most strippers at Scores.

Love may have underestimated her tolerance for alcohol while agreeing to the bet, as she made the more mature decision of going home, instead of running the risk of making a drunken spectacle of herself that night at the local strip club, and more importantly losing the edge in the bet.

Luckily, we haven’t seen the last of this wager. According to Courtney’s Twitter post on Tuesday, the bet will be settled on the west coast once the opportunity arises. Big words coming from a someone who can no longer hang with the big boys.

Courtney Love

Grohl was seen at Scores after the party Monday night, practicing his his lines on the local talent. As if he’d need to. With his success in the Foo Fighters, as well as being involved in movies, and his current HBO show, Sonic Highways, Dave isn’t going to have any trouble convincing  strippers to sit down with him in the VIP section.

Obviously, the smart money is on Dave, but Courtney could pull a Cinderella story upset. Win or lose, it would be a disservice to ignore the lesson this heartwarming story has to offer:

Life’s too short to spend your time holding frivolous grudges. If you’ve got a problem with someone, solve the issue at the gentleman’s club, and all will be right with the world.