Singles Mingle – AudioPhix’s Favorite New Tracks

Every Friday AudioPhix writers roundup to share our favorite audio-based entertainment from the week that was.

Typically, our song selections will explode your mind so don’t be shocked if… well… your mind is exploded.  Here are some selections from a few of our esteemed writers for your audio pleasure.

Ghostface Killah/Badbadnotgood ft. Elzhi | “Gunshowers” – Sour Soul

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard hip-hop this perfect. Wu Tang legend, Ghostface Killah, teams up with Toronto progressive jazz trio, Badbadnotgood, to bring us this collaboration.

“Gunshowers” plays like an acid trip on the California coast, reminiscent of a Tarantino soundtrack with street cred. Lazy surf jazz hooks litter the soundscape, each note slinking drunk into the abyssal resonance of the ride cymbal. Ghostface kills this track with his astounding brand of internal rhyme, and eloquent lyrics barked concisely with the confidence of a seasoned professional. Detroit mainstay, Elzhi, lends a verse to the track, and while the substance of his message isn’t quite as profound as Killah’s, he still manages to lend some attitude to the well rounded track. As if this wasn’t awesome enough, there’s a whole album of Ghostface/BBNG, entitled Sour Soul, coming out on February 16th, featuring a slew of hip-hop’s heavy hitters, and will no doubt be a strong contender for album of the year.

– Collin Crea

36 Crazyfists | “Also Am I” – Time and Trauma

Alaska’s most celebrated, least embarrassing export have returned with Time and Trauma, their first release since 2010’s killer Collisions and Castaways. This is 36 Crazyfists’ debut album for their new label, Spinefarm Records. It’s also the first to feature new drummer Kyle Baltus. “Also Am I” was the record’s first single, and since hearing it a few weeks ago, I’ve been sold on this album.

36 Crazyfists has always been a weird band to try and classify. There’s the metalcore shredfest stuff. There’s vocalist Brock Lindow’s truly unique delivery of good cop/bad cop vocals. There’s a little nu-metal slappa-da-bass from time to time. But there’s not really another band you can look at and say, “These guys are those guys lite.” Really, the best comparisons for description are made within 36 Crazyfists’ own body of work.
If the rest of Time and Trauma follows suit behind “Also Am I,” we can look forward to a continuation of the Tide and Its Takers / Collisions and Castaways guitar acrobatics, but with a reintroduction of the beefier bass style that characterized Bitterness The Star and A Snow-Capped Romance (courtesy of returning bassist Mick Whitney). In other words, based on what’s been released so far, Time and Trauma will stack up to be one of the best releases in the band’s history.
Time and Trauma hits stores in the U.S. on February 17th through Spinefarm Records.
For fans of: Deftones, Killswitch Engage

– Schuler Benson

Dan Deacon | “Learning To Relax” – Glass Riffer

If this single doesn’t get you into the VIP section for the private dance party at your desk, then I’m sorry about your life. Deacon, being the brilliant composer he is, broke straight into the electronic part of my soul with the first single off his upcoming album, Glass Riffer, that dropsFebruary 25th.

Taking the title literally, this baby is certainly tamed down from a lot of the tracks off his previous album, America. Dan experiments with visuals and noise, but since it is Fridaythe 13th, Deacon says relax; listen to the man.
*Disclaimer: watch video at your own risk.*
For fans of: Jimmy Joe Roche, Dirty Projectors, or Panda Bear.

– Lauren Sands

That does it for this week’s edition of Singles Mingle.  Stay tuned… we’ll be back next Friday with more of what you should absolutely be paying attention to in the world of music.