Singles Mingle – Audiophix’s Favorite Tracks – 3/20/15

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Welcome back to where our own personal musical tastes have a chance to collide: Singles Mingle. This week, everyone gives you their personal pick for what you should be paying more attention to.

Every Friday AudioPhix writers roundup to share our favorite audio-based entertainment from the week that was.

Typically, our song selections will explode your mind so don’t be shocked if… well… your mind is exploded. Here are some selections from a few of our esteemed writers for your audio pleasure.

Comeback Kid – Losing Sleep (ft. Poli Correa)

It’s 2015 and hardcore punk is still clinging onto the scene like the faded tattoos on the skin of it’s fans. While many in league with the hardcore scene tend to fall to the wayside with the rest of the sound-a-likes, a few have found staying power by upping the bar, and refusing to quit till they’re damn good and ready.

Comeback Kid hasn’t always been the most brutal hardcore band in the world, but they took a giant step away from pop-core with their 2014 release “Die Knowing”. Keeping a breakneck pace through the entire LP, Comeback Kid has created a radically visceral beast. This album is 32 minutes of pure headbanging, floor punching, crucial pointing madness.

This week, the Canadian rockers released their video for the track “Losing Sleep”, featuring some vocals from Devil in Me front man, Poli Correa. Easily one of the best songs off the album, “Losing Sleep” goes from zero to balls out in under 3 seconds. The video itself being a classic “life of the band” montage of tour videos, and behind-the-scenes recording footage serving as a reminder that Comeback Kid is still out there refusing to succumb to stagnancy; doing the damn thing like a couple of gents.

– Collin Crea


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