Brand New Releases Brand New Track, Resumes Shennanigans

Emo overlords Brand New released their first new track since 2009’s Daisy today. It’s called ‘Mene’ though I can’t tell if it’s pronounced mean, meme, or mené.

The track is reminiscent of ‘The Shower Scene’, ‘The Archer’s Bows Are Broken’, and ‘Vices’. You don’t need all 15 seconds of the intro to clear a mosh pit, the heart of this song is for headbangers – those who want to keep their PBR cans uncrushed should proceed to the outskirts of the crowd.

It’s the kind of song which plays best to a room that gets tight at 30 guests – basements, living rooms, the back of coffee shops. But Brand New has always excelled at playing songs for small rooms to enormous audiences. It’s easy to imagine the different shapes Vin Accardi will twist himself into as he screams and writhes across the stage to this tune.

Lyrically ‘Mene’ is a melancholy affair, in the Jesse Lacey tradition, “written on the wall, let us play guitar, this is my own fault, we don’t feel anything” envious of an ocean that “never sleeps or dreams, it never stops to ponder what it sees”.

Brand New | Instagram

Brand New returned to the road in full force in 2014, including a date I caught in New Orleans last October. I had reasons to wonder if it would be ‘the same’ – Brand New holds more than one spot on my list of Greatest Shows Ever, but it’s been 7 years since we last saw one another. Could me, Jesse, and the gang go back to that special place? Oh hell yea was the answer. Hell f**king yea.

Now it looks like Brand New is locked into an album cycle: a new single, a new website, a slew of festival headlining spots, and a fresh Instagram feed. They’re even making good on old promises (remember those lyric booklets?).

Check out Brand New’s tour dates and sign up for their mailing list (free single download!) at their new site.

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