Austin City Limits Music Festival Lineup Announced

So it appears as though Austin City Limits Music Festival is raising the bar on the fest game this year. A star-studded lineup has been announced for the upcoming festival in… you guessed it… Austin, Texas. It’s probably safe to say we’re not the only ones excited about the prospect of seeing all of these bands, but I think this is the closest the Foo Fighters have been to Houston in quite some time, so expect someone named Ryan to be there with bells on.

Here’s a look at the lineup for the first weekend:

As if that wasn’t good enough, here’s the second weekend:

I’m sure there will be some minor changes between now and then, but you’ve got more amazing bands on this list than you can shake a stick at. Maybe… it really depends on your stick shaking abilities. We can discuss this at greater length over a beverage whilst enjoying the October sun in Austin.

Check out more info from the Austin City Limits Music Festival here. The Austin City Limits Music Festival is taking place during two weekends in October (10/2-4, 10/9-11). Tickets are available now, so head over and get you some before it’s too late!

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