Free Press Summer Fest 2015: Bands You’ll Kick Yourself for Missing

When you think about Houston in June, you think, “UGH! IT IS SO HOT OUTSIDE! WHERE IS MY PONYTAIL HOLDER!!”

Houstonians have just gotten used to the fact that Free Press is in the midst of one of the hottest months of the year, and still hundreds flock to Eleanor Tinsley Park, which has one of the best setups for this festival to knock the sweaty socks off of Houston’s music fanatics to revel (or bathe) in their favorite bands sweat.

Free Press started out quite small, as most festivals do, (Woodstock, I think, might be the only exception) but it has grown into one of Houston’s most prized claim to fame for a decent source of entertainment for us locals who still love being so close to a festival we don’t have to plan a road trip for. (Sorry, out of towner folk.)

The 2015 lineup absolutely does NOT disappoint. There are so many bands I want to see, but here is a preview of what you might be able to witness if you grab your tickets. Ahem, grab them now:

St. Vincent: Oh, Annie (Her real name is Anne Erin Clark) please keep paving the way for females to still kick ass in a male driven genre and industry. After winning the 2015 Grammy award for Best Alternative Music Album, you NEED to put this sexpot on your schedule. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t.


Future Islands: Samuel T. Herring (vocals) brings down the f*cking house with every single performance that leaves crowds stupefied, and pinching themselves because they cannot believe what they just saw. Future Islands has put on one of the BEST live shows I’ve ever seen, and if you don’t stop by for the entire set, at the very least just stay for one song and then you can kick rocks.








Welcome to Houston: I’m just gonna spit out some names..let’s skip the formalities

-Slim Thug

-Devin the Dude

– Scarface

– Bun-B

And that’s just to name a few, that’s not even half! I swear on my vinyl collection that Welcome to Houston will be one of the best  performances of the entire festival. This Houston super group joined forces and they are making their second coming to Free Press 2015. Their music is exactly what those of us who grew up listening to DJ Screw, Paul Wall, and wanting our own cars candy painted. Super groups like Welcome to Houston PROVE our music scene isn’t dead; not even close.

Free Press needs to know that Houstonians are in full support of this festival. This city needs more big ticket money making festivals so we can be taken seriously as a city known for its music. We are here to stay, and we are most definitely staying trill.

See you guys there! Snag tickets here.

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